Metric at the House of Blues

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Music is my weakness.

When I was abroad in Sydney, I spent a good amount of money on expensive concerts (live music in Australia ain’t cheap, that’s for sure!). In Boston, I spend a lot of money seeing a lot of shows. Today, I saw Metric ( at the Boston House of Blues. As always, they put on an amazing show.


This was at least my third time to see the band. First time was also in Boston at the always impressive Paradise venue. That show was great because Emily Haines brought some kid from the audience up on stage and rapped with him.

I saw them another time in London (Halloween, 2006) where Emily dove into the audience for some crowd surfing. That show probably makes one of my all time top five.

Metric 2006

Emily Haines crowd surfs in London. Oct 31, 2006

I’ll put up some other photos from the show on my Flickr account. I hadn’t brought my camera to a show in a while, but had been inspired by this article. Expect more concert photos in the future!

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