How to Wrap Gifts (if you’re my Dad)

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SnowmanMy Dad really gets into the Christmas spirit (kidding!). Here’s the steps he takes to purchase and wrap gifts for my Mom.

  1. My sister helps figure out what to purchase for the gift.
  2. My sister packs the gifts in the suitcase (we’re traveling over the holidays)
  3. My sister wraps all the gifts.
  4. My dad then decides he should help out so he can say he did something.
  5. My dad wraps 2 pieces of candy to go into my Mom’s stocking. (see video)
  6. My sister places gifts under the tree (and will put up the stocking on Christmas evening).


Quick disclaimer: My dad actually does get more involved with all the Christmas stuff (also I should mention he’s Jewish). But he still doesn’t help too much with the wrapping (not that I do either). BUT he does sometimes get excited and will help out. Like this year when he decided he wanted to wrap all the stuff in my Mom’s stocking—including the candy.

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  1. Nice video tutorial, really liked it. Hope my father watches it. :)

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