Wombat Wednesday is a photo series showcasing the travels of Mr. Wombat. Who is Mr. Wombat? Well, he’s a stuffed wombat I brought back from Australia. Why? Because wombats are awesome—especially Mr. Wombat who has been all over the world. Kind of.

Beach wombat

Australia’s been on my mind. And though this photo wasn’t taken in Australia, it sure reminds me of it. I went to Paddy’s Market at least a few times a month for various things I needed while studying in Sydney. Such as this beach towel. Which I desperately needed. (Not really.) Also: coincidentally, I’ve been using this towel as my bath towel the past few days because I haven’t done laundry.

I really should do some laundry. Or maybe drink a piña colada.

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  1. I think you should drink TWO pina coladas

  2. Oh that would be excellent! Though I'm afraid you could drink Mr. Wombat under the table. Not that he would mind.

  3. Someday, I too would like to share a drink with Mr. Wombat.

  4. Hah! Wombats are weak. Well, mostly lazy.

    Australia is definitely on my itinerary. Ultimate goal would be a full-time, real-life, forever job there. Are you listening, Australia? Please hire me.

  5. Wombat likes the fruity drinks I see, is Australia on your RTW travel itinerary?

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