Well hello there.

I’ve been a bit absent, haven’t I? I figured I better update you on my recent happenings. I’m at a crossroads in my big trip and an update is in order. Here’s a hint: it involves a summertime internship. In Tel Aviv. That’s in Israel.

I arrived in Israel exactly 3 weeks ago (poorly planned to be here for the summer). Since then, I’ve traveled a bit around the country. Saw Jerusalem for the first time. Left Jerusalem and then came back again. (It’s a powerful place.)

I couchsurfed, sat on the beach, floated in the Dead Sea, visited monuments, left a prayer at the Western Wall. Now I’m in Tel Aviv where I’ll remain for the next two months. Yes, two entire months. (Read about my first two months in Israel here.)

When I arrived in Israel I was immediately struck by how different this place is. There’s something in the atmosphere, no doubt, but the people, the places, the culture has been so unexpected from my preconceived notions that I felt a need to stay. To understand and get a better sense of this place.

Everyone has an opinion on Israel. On this land between the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean. Before I arrived, I probably had an opinion, too. That opinion—and my first impression—has been twisted & turned over the past three weeks. And I expect it to continue to evolve as I explore this culture & society over the next two months.

Books and articles may explain what this place is like but I feel that I can’t rightfully make an argument without seeing the place (and the people) for myself.

So, what will I do with my idle time here?

I decided the best way to delve into the politics of the region, is to, in fact, delve into the politics. I’ve accepted a short-term summer internship in Israel with a reputable nonprofit organization interested in finding a peace agreement between the Israeli & Palestinian peoples.

I spent some time asking around about the organization, reading up on it myself and learning a little more about the politics here. It’s an organization I believe in and this internship in Tel Aviv will allow me the opportunity to stay abreast of the news and the mood of the region. More on my Israeli summer internship later.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to, where I am and what I’ll be doing. If you’re in Tel Aviv in the next two months, please stop by to say hello.

I’m excited to call this place my temporary home. And to take some time to really explore this fascinating society.

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  2. Thanks for the tip, Suzanne! Will check it out.

  3. Suzanne

    Sound incredible, i'm also currently in Israel, and after being here a while i wasn't sure that there was really much left to do, until i found this incredible site – funinjerusalem, it's truly briliant, it had a whole directory of activities from touring the countryside to historical sites, to swimming pools etc, enjoy!

  4. Thanks Earl. I definitely think it's important to do what you want to do—hence my desire to stay here.

  5. Earl

    Enjoy your time over there and I just may be passing through if I can ever get my Middle East trip started. And it's excellent that you're open to following that inner voice that made you feel as if you should stay longer!

  6. Haha! that's funny because I was worried I was going to end up on a kibbutz, too. I'm sure it's an experience but I'd rather be more involved and in a place with a bit more action.

  7. adventurouskate

    I'm excited for you, Adam!

    At first, I was afraid you were going onto a kibbutz…nothing against kibbutzniks, but this sounds far more exciting!

  8. Oh there is a lot more to come about Israel on this blog! Just you wait :)

  9. Thanks Ryan! I'm excited to see what you do when you settle in Amsterdam for a month. (You're still looking for a place to stay, right?)

  10. That internship sounds like an amazing experience. My mom went to Israel a few years ago with her friend and really loved it. She talked about how friendly everyone was. It's definitely somewhere I want to visit. Looking forward to more updates.

  11. Ryan from PauseTheMoment.com

    Good luck in Israel Adam!

  12. Thanks Christine!

    When a good opportunity arose, it just didn't seem right to ignore it.

  13. Awww thank you Abby!

    You're right, though. As adults it is hard to continue to grow & learn. Can't wait to start something new!

  14. Thanks Keith. If there's anything I've got (for the time being), it's time to do the things I want to do.

  15. camorose

    What a great opportunity–and I love that your schedule was flexible enough that you were able to take it! Can't wait to hear more about your experiences in Tel Aviv.

  16. Adam! This is so wonderful. It's so great that you're taking a few months to do this. It's sometimes difficult as adults to find ways to really grow and learn the way we did in school. Bravo, a million times over — I can't wait to read more!

  17. travelingsavage

    Good idea! I like the way you're approaching your trip. Leisurely, flexible, knowing when to stop. Looking forward to more updates on your internship.

  18. Thanks dude!

    I'll have lots of tips by the end of my time here on getting internships or volunteer jobs while abroad.

  19. Thanks Ayngelina! I'm looking forward to it. Starts next week.

  20. BAbackpacker

    Wow, that is awesome! Seem like you are having a great time over there. I cant wait to hear more about the internship. Doing short internships or jobs while on my RTWtrip interest me so much.

  21. Wow sounds like an amazing experience, good luck with it.

  22. Thanks Elad. I'd like that very much! I definitely expect to get back up there sometime soon. And let me know if you ever show up in Tel Aviv!

  23. We've already spoken a bit, but I'm glad to see you finally had the time to write this down 'officially'.
    PM me if you come back to Haifa, maybe we'll meet for a beer!

  24. Thanks Giulia,
    I've been really interested in the politics here for a while. But there is so much bias everywhere I turn, it just makes sense to see it for myself so I can (hopefully) be better informed.

  25. Wow, I'd love to work/do an internship in a similar organization. The Palestinian Question is very important to me.
    Congrats & enjoy your stay ya Adam:)

  26. Thanks Sarah! I'm really excited to get to experience a culture for longer than just a few weeks.

  27. lovewiththeworld

    Congratulations, again Adam! I'm so glad you decided to stay and find out more about the country. Not only is it one of my favorite countries, but I learned (through staying in Bangkok for so long) that experiencing a city and a country for longer than a few-weeks-long time period is the greatest way to make a home away from home and actually comprehend what you're seeing and learning. Have the best time, and I can't wait to read more about what you'll be doing!

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