Wombat Wednesday: Wombats are awesome, yo!

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Travels of Adam? Travels of a wombat. Wombat Wednesday follows Mr Wombat on hist travels around the world.

Like wombats? This is what you must do:

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Go to wombatsareawesome.com
  3. Follow the directions on the site.
  4. Share the link wombatsareawesome.com with everyone you know.
  5. Got it?
  6. Promise?
  7. Ready!
  8. Set.
  9. GO:

Now, go to wombats are awesome.com! GO GO GO GO GO GO!

To win this contest, I just need to get the most “likes’ on Facebook at this link.

(hey everyone — just a quick thank you for your help! if you’re following me on twitter, you’ve probably been inundated with a lot of recent tweets from me concerning a separate—but equally awesome—travel contest. thanks for your help! i do really, really appreciate it.)

((oh and i know that today isn’t wednesday. i had my dates mixed up and was saving this post for this week’s wombat wednesday, which happens to fall on thursday. mmok?))

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  1. Thank you Al!!!

    You'll have to go to wombatsareawesome.com eventually but it's basically just a way to convince people to go to the other site where you have to “like” my video. By actually clicking “Like” at THIS LINK RIGHT HERE you are voting for me. They're only counting votes/likes at that exact site, so be sure to go there and click LIKE.

  2. Alas finally a TravelsofAdam video!!!! So I watched the video—pretty good for not having a lot of tool in your arsenal as you travel. I loved the fake accent and YES she is definitely pretty cute. I tried to go to wombats are awesome.com website but since I am in a corporate setting the website was blocked—but I tried. Keep up the humor and give my warm greetings to your travel mate. Yes Australia is a pretty awesome place—hope tp get there someday! Good day mate!

  3. Oh thanks for letting me know Dina! I think it's kinda sneaky that they're making you “like” the videos on their contest FB page—it kinda complicates things—but I suppose it's their prerogative.

    And thank you for the vote!

  4. I don't even realize it's not Wednesday until you pointed that out :p
    I just voted :) The “like” button under the video in the FB page didn't show up until I liked the “Your Big Year” fan page. (just fyi)

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