Getting a burger in India


Just like finding alcohol in a Muslim country, peace activists in Israel or vegetarian food in Spain (ok…trying to find something without pork in Spain may actually be near impossible) it’s possible to find a cheeseburger in India.

There’s no reason to think we’re not living in a modern world. Much of (if not all of) the world is a vastly better place than its stereotypes. I hope by seeing that anything is possible just about anywhere, people will realize that we’re living in a very different world than might have been expected.

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  1. Hindus in Kerala eat beef, its quite normal, while conservatives in rest of the country fume. On similar lines, when I went to Israel, the most popular pizza there was pepperoni. ^_^

    • mmmmm….Pepperonia pizza!

  2. u get the best beef burger in India in Hard Rock Cafe :)

  3. Seriously that looks SO good. Ugh. I miss a good burger.

  4. Burger in India? Didn’t think there was such a thing. Though that does look pretty tasty.

    • Indeed it was! And my new mission is to get a steak here :)

  5. Wow, I don’t like pork meat so I don’t miss it at all here in Egypt (only prosciutto, *sighs*), but I never thought about the possibility of staying without beef. I would definitely miss it way too much!
    Nice book on the background by the way :)

    • Yeah, I still don’t see much pork here in India, though I know it’s around.

  6. are you sure that it was made of beef, not pork, or lentil, or something else?

    • Yep, definitely a beef burger! Beef is readily available in many places in South India.

  7. Yeah hard to find a burger in India, but there are a lot of Dominoes Pizza joints around.

    • Domino’s is all over the world, in fact! I think I’ve seen hundreds of them everywhere I’ve been…

  8. SO true. I’m living in Madrid now and am constantly reminded that Ham is King! Love your Journey Adam- so much!

    • aww you’re the best Brandy!

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