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My Moleskine notebook, apart from being full of all the dirty details you don’t get on this blog, is also full of lists—to do or otherwise. Everytime I leave or enter a big city or new country, I make tons of lists of all the things I need to do. From the very mundane (laundry) to those things I’d otherwise forget while abroad (go to the dentist).

But then there are those lists that you might call a travel checklist.

Some people write up really detailed travel checklists, with information like the currency conversion, flight information, insurance details & important phone numbers. When I first set out on my trip over a year ago, I had much of the same information. But now I’m lucky if I remember the day of my next flight (if I’ve even got one booked).

Regardless of how detailed you make your trip planning, writing things down is probably the easiest way to guarantee you’ll have the information when you need it. Technology isn’t always reliable (my iPod Touch has died on me twice and is now sitting semi-broken at the bottom of my backpack).

So, when you’re planning your trips, do you make travel checklists? And what kind of information do you put on them?

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  1. Leah Prendergast

    It’s all about the paper! As much as I love technology there is nothing more unreliable when your away from home as a smart phone that requires a charger and somewhere to plug it in and then a signal to boot! Nevermind the cost of accessing the web grrr! Pen and paper all the way :-)

  2. oh yes, i do always make checklist before travelling, usually when knowing that the hotel/resort/homestay that i will stay have limited facilities in its room.

  3. Travel checklists are absolutely necessary for me especially now that I have kids. Apart from items to bring, I also make a list of emergency contacts at the destination should we ever require them.

  4. Screw my electronics when it comes to getting to hostels and getting directions/numbers. They have failed me too often to rely on them only.

    • Adam

      Pen and paper FTW!

    • Adam

      I hardly ever write down an itinerary. And every time I do, it inevitably changes.

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