Boom Festival in Portugal


Summertime in Europe is all about the summer music festival. And I’m always on the lookout for indie fests so when I discovered Portugal’s Boom Festival, I felt it was worth sharing!

Many music festivals promise an experience to remember, but Portugal’s Boom Festival doesn’t just want to offer you a good time – it wants to change your outlook on life. I mean, come on! With a name like BOOM! Festival—it’s hard not to be impressed!

Started as an electronic music festival back in 1997, Boom Festival now encompasses many genres of electro music from dubstep to techno, but also has a heavy focus on environmental consciousness. Boom Festival takes place in a pristine Portuguese forest, receives no corporate sponsorship and has a strong ethos on sustainability, meaning you could walk away from the festival with a completely different outlook on life than before you entered.

Environmentally-Friendly Fun

From chemical-free toilets to the utilization of solar energy, Boom Festival is fully deserving of its title of Green N’ Clean Festival of the Year, an accolade that it received in 2011 at the Festival Awards Europe.

The impact of Boom Festival’s ethos now attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Portugal every year, from all corners of the globe. Few festivals exhibit such a melting-pot of cultures all enjoying music together, a sight that in itself is surely worth taking cheap flights to Portugal for.

Airlines like offer cheap flights to Faro, Portugal. If I didn’t already have plans, this is a festival I’d definitely be interested in seeing. Not to mention my strong desire to visit Portugal for years…

Boom Festival
July 28-August 4

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  1. Sounds like fun!! Nice read, have a wonderful week ahead:)

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