Glamping in Brussels at the Vintage Hotel

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During my trip to Belgium I had the luxury of staying in the Vintage Hotel. It’s generally regarded as one of the city’s most stylish and best-designed hotels (gay-friendly, too!). The hotel is located just off Brussels’ most fashionable shopping street, Avenue Louise. With 29 unique bedrooms, the Vintage Hotel is probably one of the best boutique hotels I’ve stayed in. Each room is decorated with individual pieces of design furniture from the 20th century.

And just to make the boutique hotel even more interesting, the Vintage Hotel has an Airstream trailer available to sleep in. They’ve produced a beautiful video showcasing “glamping in Brussels.”

What is glamping?

It’s simple: it’s camping in a glamourous way. And if you’re that stereotypical hipster, the one that cares about latest fashion trends and which band is hot, it’s really the only type of camping you might expect to do. I was never much a camper myself, but if camping involves staying in a vintage Airstream trailer, than I’m definitely down.

At the Vintage Hotel, if you choose to go glamping, you’ll be staying in the trailer parked in front of reception. It’s a really cool experience. I filmed a short video of the trailer, which is available on YouTube:

This hotel is highly recommended if you’re looking for a cool and hip hotel experience in Brussels!

Vintage Hotel
rue Dejoncker 45, 1060 Brussels

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  1. That trailer looks awesome. I’m definitely going when we make it back to Brussels!

    • Enjoy it Christy! Even if you don’t end up staying at the Vintage Hotel, they’ve got a small bar and outdoor seating which might be a good way to check out the place, too.

  2. This looks like my kind of camping trip! I’m a big fan of glamping and would love to stay here!

    • It’s a beautiful design hotel, Monica! Really nice location in Brussels, too.

  3. Adam, I’m no hipster, but I think glamping is the only form of camping I could ever do, too! But then again, the last time I tried it I was about nine years old and it was in the back garden of my home – I ended up going back inside to watch the women’s gymnastics as it was the Atlanta Olympics.

    Aaaanyway – this actually does look pretty cool! I’ve never seen a hostel that offers a glamping/camping experience literally right outside the front door. Also, I now have a craving for lollipops. And a Let’s Go Glamping mug.

    • Hahah, Tom – I once camped in my backyard, too. It was so much fun and it ended up with 3 of us in a shower… Long story.

      Glamping is WAY more my style of camping :)

  4. That’s definitely a different and interesting hotel!

  5. Glamping – a wonderful idea. I love this way of camping. Thanks.

  6. Never stayed but wit your article I will surely try to stay on one!

  7. I love the thought of glamping and I wanna try to sleep on Hazel too. I love the video Adam.

    Thanks :)

    • Thanks Wends! The video was a bit goofy, I thought, but thanks for liking it!

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