The Beauty of Simple Things: Digital Detox in Umbria

Eco friendly holidays are an interesting travel trend, a need born from the stressful, modern pace of life and, above all, an alternative to the usual way of travel. The following is a guest post about an hotel in Umbria set up to help guests achieve a real and true digital detox.

Now a lot of people take care of environment and want to choose a destination that matches some requirements. Listen to the call of simple life, forget troubles and get relaxed are the essential needs, but if you wish to take a break you have to change your point of view and get ready for a really unusual travel experience.


In Italy there is a place that extends the concept of coziness, a laic cloister designed as a medieval monastery of XIV century, a venue where meditation and contact with nature are the pillars of life. It’s the Eremito, also called Hotelito del Alma, because is intended as a retreat for lone travelers; this cloister is located in Central Italy, in the wonderful Umbrian countryside.

Eremito was built following to the basics of green building; in fact the entire cloister is eco-sustainable: the energy is supplied by a photovoltaic system; heating is provided by a wood-burning boiler and the lining of rooms means mild temperatures also during summer. This kind of holiday is a way to avoid distractions and unnecessary things, saving more time for yourselves.

The accommodations are designed like the ancient cells of a medieval monastery, provided with the necessary comforts: single rooms with private bathroom, a desk in stone and an amazing view on the woods, a daydream for travelers who are looking for silence and quietness.

Discover the genuine taste of nature

This new concept of holiday also involves cuisine: at Eremito you’ll find exclusively vegetarian dishes, based on the products of the garden. The Refectory isn’t a restaurant, but a cozy place where guests cook together the dishes following the traditional Umbrian recipes: here you can taste fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, homemade bread and pasta, jams and sweets, a delicious tasting of top quality Italian food.


Wellness, trekking and more

Umbria is a renowned destination for travelers who like excursions and wellness treatments; in fact the Eremito is surrounded by a natural reserve of 3000 hectares, an area to discover by walking through the holm oak woods, doing birdwatching and trekking.

The staff can help you to plan itineraries and establish an authentic relationship with nature. About wellness, the guests need an area where to release each tension and regain strength: at Eremito there is the Relax Area, where the perfect combination for the well-being of your soul is the warmth of small heated water pool dug out in the rock, the refreshing steam bath and the room entirely made of stone.

Furthermore the Eremito has an official tea, Melemito, an infusion made with apples which recaps all the peculiarities of this cloister: the plainness of ingredients and the care for each detail.

Digital Detox: unplugging is easy

Eremito is the Digital Detox pioneer in Italy. It’s a useful service for those people overwhelmed by digital devices. Holiday packages have been conceived to help people to unplug smartphones, telephones, tablets and their PCs for a few days. In other words, a stay at Eremito means a hark back to peace and quietness, learning to communicate in a more relaxed way. You just might come back home completely changed.

The Full Digital Detox package allows you a dive into an ocean of greenery, a chance to enjoy an unforgettable stay and think about the beauty of simple things.

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  1. As a blogger I can hardly imagine a digital detox… but it’s really needed. I’m hoping to go on my own detox in a few months from now!

  2. i could use a digital detox..

  3. I’ve been to Eremito couple years back and had a great impression and a very nice time there. Always nice to read about places you visited :)
    thanks man

  4. Y’know those people who just can’t switch off their phones or check their emails? I am the total opposite. I love switching off from all of that stuff, and in fact I need to digital detox regularly in order to keep calm (which I’m not very good at). Alas, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to afford a stay at Eremito :/

    • That’s great you’re able to switch off your stuff! I really want to, and am slowly learning to, but it can definitely be a challenge.

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