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Quincy Market—Boston’s busy tourist hotspot

Boston’s Quincy Market is one of those really popular tourist spots everyone goes to when they visit Boston. Even as a not-tourist, I’ll sometimes go for lunch. Plus when the weather’s nice, you…

#BostonTravelers TweetUp RoundUp Number 2

Just thought I’d share the great time we had on Friday at the 2nd BostonTravelers TweetUp. Special thanks to Louise from @travelpod who helped set this one up. Here’s the summary: Louise scored…

Watch my Interview on BostonTweetUp TV

Well, hey! Look it’s me on Internet-TV! Why? Because I’m oh so charismatic. Why?! Okay, well I was interviewed by Joselin from about our Boston Twavel TweetUp #2 event. His company is…

#BostonTravelers TweetUp RoundUp

Since I started blogging in the past few months I’ve “met” a lot of interesting & exciting people through Twitter. Obviously it’s been a great way to digitally talk with like-minded individuals, but…

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Arthur Frommer at the Boston Public Library

As part of the Lowell Lecture series, Arthur Frommer (of travel book fame) discussed the best (and worst) travel trends today.

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Do What You Love

On Wednesday this past week, I had the opportunity to attend a screening of a short documentary: Lemonade. The movie was created by the man behind Please Feed The Animals—a blog & job…

Boston’s First Travel Tweetup

Hi everyone! Inspired by the DC travel tweeters @20sTravel and @rtwdave who did a similar Tweetup event back in November, I figured it was about time Boston got in on the action. Plus,…

How to Wrap Gifts (if you’re my Dad)

My Dad really gets into the Christmas spirit (kidding!). Here’s the steps he takes to purchase and wrap gifts for my Mom. My sister helps figure out what to purchase for the gift….

How to be Semi-Successful at Your Job

Okay, so I’m not going to claim I’ve got some great secrets for being successful at a corporate 9-5 type of job, but I do think I can provide a few bits of…

My Top 3 Travel Secrets

Well, the chain letter continues. I was tagged by Dan at Eight Hour Layover (Thanks Dan!) to give my 3 best travel secrets, based on some sort of chain that started with this…

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