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The Literary City: 10 Books Set in New York City

The number of books set in New York makes the city instantly recognizable to many readers, even if they’ve never set foot anywhere near Times Square.


NYC subway as a tourist attraction

The NYC subway is one of many symbols that stereotypically represents New York City. With the iconic logo and typeface, it’s certainly one of the most important things to see in New York…


5 indie bookstores in America that’ll make you pick up a book again

Some of the most popular indie & independent bookstores in America from San Francisco to New York (and Ohio and Texas, too!)

NYC food tour

Discovering the history of food and local culture in the heart of NYC

Discovering the history of food and local culture in the heart of NYC on a food tour through Chinatown and Little Italy

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Occupy Berlin demonstration photos, 15 October

Hi, If you follow along on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll probably have noticed I’ve been sharing and tweeting a lot about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York. If you’ve read a…

Hipster Hitler

Found on YouTube: httpv:// I just got back from New York City. First time in a while I didn’t make it to Brooklyn. I miss the hipsters.

My Upcoming Weekend Trips

I’ve got a decent amount of travel plans in my near future: NYC this weekend; Washington, D.C. next and Vermont the weekend after. I’ll be spending a lot of time looking out of…

What to do in New York: Broadway, Beer & Bauhaus in NYC

So, in case you haven’t been paying attention, my 25th birthday was last week. Part of celebrating involved a trip to New York City, of course. Because I was busy Friday night dancing…

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