Travel blogs and features from Ohio

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Art Museum: a surprising discovery in the Midwest

Photos from an afternoon at the Cleveland Art Museum — a surprisingly place to find even more culture in Ohio and the American Midwest

sweet moses

Exploring Cleveland’s hipster hotspots (yes, hipsters exist in Ohio)

Wandering what’s worth seeing in Cleveland? Photos of Cleveland’s hipster hotspots and artsy, trendy neighborhoods


Rediscovering Columbus on a weekend trip

A short travel guide for Columbus, OH from my weekend trip there this summer. Including a few travel highlights & some of the more interesting things to do.


Eating (and drinking) my way through Columbus

A selection of the most popular (and delicious!) Columbus restaurants—from famous ice cream to pizza, food trucks and tapas.


Modern style in an historic Cleveland hotel: the Tudor Arms

A review of the Tudor Arms hotel in Cleveland. Located between the Cleveland Clinic and University Circle, the location can’t be beat! Friendly staff, too.


5 indie bookstores in America that’ll make you pick up a book again

Some of the most popular indie & independent bookstores in America from San Francisco to New York (and Ohio and Texas, too!)

Columbus segways

Zipping through Columbus, Ohio on a Segway Tour

An overview of many of the touristic things to do in downtown Columbus, Ohio. A Segway tour provides a quick & easy way to experience Columbus.


Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Museum is for real hipsters

The Rock & Roll Museum (and Hall of Fame) in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the coolest museums for any fan of music—young or old.

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