Beautiful Switzerland

Switzerland is Beautiful

Photos from Beautiful Switzerland – Vast landscapes, mountains piercing the clouds and deep valleys. One of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

Museum Selfie

Art is Boring

Well, not really. It’s usually just the museums are boring — trapping beautiful artwork behind glass barriers and silly rules preventing us from talking selfies

Male Beauty Box - Next Gay Thing

The Allure of the Beauty Box

Male beauty is a booming business. It’s changing the way we look, the way we dress, even the way we act. Gender is changing. Or, at least the way we talk about gender. It’s an exciting time to be a guy.

Copenhagen Pride

PHOTOS: Gay Pride in Copenhagen

Photos from the annual gay pride festival in Copenhagen — one of Europe’s most gay-friendly cities and a fun, approachable gay pride as a tourist

Crying On Airplanes

Crying on Airplanes

Up in the air, where our thoughts are allowed to easily wander, I find myself regularly crying on airplanes — and what a wonderful feeling

Germanwings Flight - Berlin to Barcelona (blind booking)

Blind Booking with Germanwings

Blind Booking – paying before you know your destination, with Germanwings Berlin to Barcelona. The most fun you’ll have buying a plane ticket!

pump west hollywood

That Los Angeles Lifestyle

Los Angeles just brings out the best (and worst) in a traveler — expect to spend big and you’ll have a great time living it up, the luxury LA lifestyle

Trust Me, I'm a Hipster

What is Community?

What does community mean to you? Maybe this is really just what being young and on a quest for “the life that fits” is all about — but how do we find it?