This pretty Belgian city is a perfect destination for a weekend city break. With its picturesque streets (and canals!), an easy-to-stroll (or cycle!) Old Town and all the charm of a classic European city, Bruges is one of those picture-perfect destinations. But thankfully there’s more than meets the eye and there are actually quite a few cool things to do and see.

Shopping in Bruges


With busloads of visitors coming in for the day, and many of them international tourists on whirlwind European trips, Bruges has plenty of shopping options.

  • Callebert – A design shop selling home goods and children’s gifts
  • 2BE – Bar and shop selling only local Belgian products: beer, chocolates, biscuits, t-shirts, etc. Grab a typical Belgian beer and sit out on the terrace if you want some quality people-watching

Food in Bruges

Belgium Frites

Because so many people tend to visit Bruges on a day trip or stopover, there are a lot of places catering to lunch guests. Cheap eateries and snack shops are scattered around the city.

  • Sapristi  – Quick shop offering sandwiches and a soup of the day
  • Li O Lait – Coffee shop with a nice atmosphere. Probably the trendiest place I discovered while in Bruges.
  • Frietmuseum – One of the more quirky things to do in Bruges, visit the Frietmuseum: a museum dedicated entirely to fries. It walks you through the history and development of fries and is perfect for kids (or adults who want to pretend to be kids).

Tours in Bruges

Guide to Brugge

Probably because the city is quite small, getting around Bruges is actually very easy. That is if you don’t mind getting lost. One of the best ways to get around is by bicycle. Many shops around Bruges’ main square offer bike rentals by the day and you’ll find it easy and safe to get around the city. If you’re looking for a more unique way of getting around, there are always Vespa tours, too! For a bit more of an upscale (and total tourist trap) experience, there’s the option to take a boat tour through Bruges’ canals.

Things To Do in Bruges

Picnic at the Cactus Festival

  • Minnewater Park – Large, central public park in Bruges. Keep an eye out for the public art throughout.
  • Windmills – Bruges is home to four windmills—probably the easiest thing to look for when traveling in northern Europe. But if you’re looking for pretty pictures, windmills are a safe bet. You might consider renting a bike for the day and cycling out to the windmills on your own, or else joining one of the many bike tours.
  • Cactus Music Festival – The annual indie music festival takes place in the Minnewaterpark. Most festival-goers are Belgian locals but the music acts are international. In fact, there were only a handful of Belgian bands playing at the 2012 Cactus Festival.
  • Church of Our Lady – Churches aren’t always the most interesting and can become tiresome after a while, but Bruges’ Church of Our Lady is home to a white marble sculpture by Michelangelo—something you might remember from a recent movie.


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  1. I also recommend renting a bike! Such a great way to explore the city!

  2. My favourite thing about Bruges was the food – Belgian waffles, chocolates, and fries with mayo and curry ketchup!

  3. Elliott

    I can just picture Bruges being the hipster capital haha

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