Ultimate Hipster Guide to Berlin

Some of my hipster Berlin travel tips

hipsters in berlin

I’m by no means a Berlin travel expert, but I’ve been here a fair few times that I thought I’d share some travel tips. Here they are, in no particular order. I’ll expand on this guide to Berlin as time goes by…

It’s not a complete list on all the best things to do in my favorite European city, but rather a collection of some of my favorites. Favorite bars, clubs, restaurants and other things to do. Whether you’re visiting just for a weekend, 36 hours, or a day, maybe some of these tips will be useful. They’re all my personal favorites and places I’ve been to in Berlin :-)


  • Lerchen und Eulen (near Gorlitzer u-bahn) – Moscow Mule cocktails and cozy interior! a friend set her hair on fire in this bar and no one noticed, so, uh, this place is amazzzzzing!
  • Möbel Olfe (near Kottbusser Tor) – gay bar! super crowded on thursdays
  • Hotel Bar (near Kottbusser Tor) – hipsters and very smoky inside, but just how kreuzberg should be
  • Mein Haus Am See (near Rosenthaler Platz) – omg! hipsters! and the best view in berlin is at the top of the stadium style seating, looking down on hipsters below
  • Liberacion – in Friedrichshain – just be careful going to the bathroom here, feels like you may never return
  • Multi Layer Laden (near Kotti) – cool hipster place, hidden behind the supermarket and through a curtain
  • Locke Müller (near Görli) – probably Berlin’s best cocktails (or at least in Kreuzberg), smoky atmosphere inside, but the bartenders really know their drinks. suppose they have to, because there’s no menu. €8 for a cocktail is expensive for berlin, but worth it here.
  • Gastón – In trendy Neukolln, this little Spanish tapas bar serves cheap beer and affordable tapas. With outdoor seating on a quiet street corner, you may just think you’re back in Spain.
  • O Tannenbaum – This kitschy bar and club near Hermannplatz is decorated with fake Christmas trees and lawn furniture. They often have great DJs and it’s always open late.


  • Mein Haus Am See – in case you want more hipsters! open 24-hours :)
  • St Oberholz (near Rosenthaler Platz u-bhan) – hipsters with macbooks


  • Bateau Ivre for meat & cheese plates – french hipsters
  • California Breakfast Slam for American-style egg plates – american hipsters
  • some quick bakery before you go to Berghain
Neukoelln hipster

Drink Club Mate and you too can be a Neukölln/Berlin hipster!


  • any u-bahn station will do – see this
  • Berghain, of course – gay/straight and AWESOME
  • “london calling” first friday of each month at Schwuz – gay club, indie/electro music night
  • Cassiopeia – pretty cool club on Revaler Strasse in Friedrichshain. R&B and hip-hop nights are the most popular. Courtyard and rock-climbing are perfect in the summertime.

Gay Berlin

  • Schwuz – hipster gays
  • Gay Beach Berlin – tan gays
  • GMF @ Weekend – every Sunday night in a Berlin skyscraper. Trendy gays.
  • Zum Schmutzigen Hobby – on Revaler Strasse – small and very fun gay bar which also turns into a nightclub.
  • Möble Olfe – at Kottbusser Tor, most popular on Thursdays when it’s too damn crowded.
  • Silver Future – in Neukolln on Weserstrasse. Lots of lesbians.

Kreuzberg, Berlin - hipsters


  • c/o Berlin Gallery – usually good exhibits
  • Zozoville – Small gallery near Kottbusser Tor with quirky exhibits
  • Museum of Photography behind Zoologischer Garten – great photo museum/gallery with permanent exhibits from Helmut Newton
  • Bookstore: Shakespeare & Sons in Prenzlauer Berg (same owner as the bookstore by the same name in Prague)

Touristy stuff

  • East Side Gallery – meh, but worth seeing because that’s probably why you’re here
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial if you’re into the holocaust – view my post from there
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe AND the Gay Holocaust Memorial
  • Reichstag dome – you can go inside, and if it’s summertime, walk around on the roof! – photos
  • Checkpoint Charlie museum is filled with information but it’s totally cluttered and disorganized
  • Photography mentor workshop – Most people are in Berlin because it’s so damn creative and “artsy.” Why not take a 4-hour photography workshop where you’ll get to explore a local ‘hood and come away with some extra skillz? More info: I’ll Get You My Pretty photo mentor session

My über hipster bike in Volkspark Friedrichshain

Parks & Platz’s

  • Görlitzer!!!!!!! It’s where all the hippies, hipsters, and druggies hang. Try not to get stabbed. But well worth the visit. – video
  • Also, Kreuzberg Park is great for watching sunsets
  • Sundays at Mauer Park for the outdoors karaoke – for reals, this sh*t is real good.
  • Winterfeldtplatz Platz for the farmer’s market on Saturdays
  • Boxhagener Platz for the hipster shopping market on Sundays


  • Best shawarma: Maroush at Kottbusser Tor. Trust me.
  • Best burrito: Dolores (San Francisco style!) wins by popularity; Santa Maria on Oranienstrasse is good too
  • Best Vietnamese: Miss Saigon (Gorlitzer u-bahn) is great!
  • Best noodles: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a big box of €2.50 “Chinese” noodles at the Nollendorf u-bahn station. The woman who runs the shop is super nice!
  • Best burger: The Bird. But I’m also partial to Room 77

Hipster Berlin t-shirt

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  1. it is so wrong.
    the hipsters in leipzig are much more avant-garde and soooo cool.
    everybody shall just go to leipzig
    leipzig is THE place to be.
    forget about berlin, berlin sucks.
    the waschechterberliner

  2. Hi Adam,
    Nice places you have collected here mate – I visited Berlin in February(God I will not do that again). I have to say it was quite warm during the day but when you wake up in the morning it is like -3 C and you can barely walk. I loved the The Memorial Church (Gedächtniskirche) & the Victory Column (Siegessäule)


  3. I will be visiting Germany at the end of June from the U.S. My first trip out of the country and I am beyond stoked. Stoked across this page and man I am thanking you already. I have a friend in Stuttgart but she will be off on honeymoon a few days after I get there so I’ll be left to my own vices while traveling through Berlin, Prague and Zurich while over there. These tips will be a great starting point for sure!

    • Glad to hear you’re finding this guide useful Jerm. Enjoy Berlin!

  4. I’m finally going to get to see Berlin this year! We’re off on a mini honeymoon in April and came straight here to check out your tips. Am literally going to spend the entire evening reading all your suggestions of things to do!

  5. Love your hipster bike! I know you mean about dancing in the UBahn – so many times I’ve seen people get on with their little stereos on wheels. It’s great to get you into the mood before a night out (if it’s your type of music I guess, haha!). A mate of mine wrote about cool bars and clubs in Berlin too: http://www.handsoffourholiday.com/want-to-see-the-quirky-side-of-berlin-visit-some-of-the-coolest-bars-in-germanys-capital/

  6. So I was in Berlin last week and since I’m a hipster (hahahaha) I was happy to find your guide. Because we had only 3 days in the city we couldn’t check out everything but I’m happy to say that some of your tips helped us a lot.

    California Breakfast Slam – Oh god I loved it so much, ate for like 20€ and it was worth every euro.

    Dolores – Perfect start for the trip, enjoyed it a lot.

    “Chinese” noodles at the Nollendorf u-bahn station – We checked it out when we were in the neighborhood and it was just right for lunch break.

    I’m definitely going back to Berlin soon and will check out your other tips too. Thanks a lot!

    PS: Since we discovered some places on our own, I can recommend the Burgeramt (great burgers for small prices) and a bar called Dachkammer (check out the first floor in the evenig) in Friedrichshain.

  7. Being a “Hipster” is not a real job.

    Also, calling yourself a hipster is the lamest thing I’ve seen in the internet for a while. Lamer than wearing socks with sandals.

  8. completely agree with the below comment. please go back to where you came from ignorant hipster gringo

  9. Parasites.
    Why must you leave your narrow minded villages and suburbs and ruin everything in a global path. Fuck off and stay in the villages you sad boring fucks.ironically, the city you say you love so much (to exploit) is forever being changed by your presence and influence. Piss off please.

  10. the best nightclub fehlt. this is the kuhdorf!!! not so bad is the speicher and the matrix. dancing under the u-bahn!

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