Snapshots from my notebook and musings about life, the world and travel


The art of travel: a travel book & diary

This book on the art of travel serves as a pretty travel diary journal full of travel illustrations: Le Road Trip — A Traveler’s Journal of Love and France

الومبت حيوان‎ Wednesday: Learning Arabic in Egypt

Travels of Adam? Travels of a الومبت حيوان‎ (“al-Wmbt Ḩywān”). “al-Wmbt Ḩywān” Wednesday follows Mr. “al-Wmbt Ḩywān” on his travels around the world. One of the exciting parts of traveling in a totally…

From my notebook, 2007-2009

Periodically, I’ll show you what’s inside by notebook. While cleaning out all my stuff, I came across some of my old notebooks from the past few years. I like to write things down….

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