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Tel Aviv Dizengoff Fountain

TRAVEL PHOTO: Tel Aviv Dizengoff Fountain

Photos of Tel Aviv’s Fire and Water Fountain in Dizengoff Square – a colorful place in the center of Tel Aviv great for photos

Travel in Israel

Hebrew Words for Travelers in Israel

A fun guide to some of the more useful (and some less useful) Hebrew words and phrases for travelers to Israel.

Brown Hotel

4 Tel Aviv Boutique Hotels You Need To Know About (even if you don’t sleep there)

Tel Aviv boutique hotels are more than just a place to sleep—many of the design hotels in TLV offer bars and places to meet for tourists & locals alike.


Nablus Old City (PHOTOS)

Photos of the Nablus Old City in Palestine and how to fill a day with things to do in the Old City market: eat knafeh, wander aimlessly & take photos!

Highway in Jerusalem

Getting Around Israel – Public Transportation Tips

Is it easy to travel in Israel? An extensive guide to public transport & getting around Israel including resources oon trains, buses & sheruts

Tel Aviv ArtPlus Hotel

Sleeping in an Art Gallery: the ArtPlus Hotel in Tel Aviv

Ever since I read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler as a kid, I’ve had a slight obsession with the idea of sleeping in a museum. So when Atlas Hotels reached…

Love Tel Aviv

11 Reasons Why Tel Aviv is One of My Favorite Cities

The 11 reasons why I love Tel Aviv — despite its problems, price and location, it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. Here’s why…


Is Israel Safe to Visit? Is Tel Aviv Safe?

Wondering if Israel is safe to visit? I’m not an expert but these are my experiences of traveling in Israel and Palestine on when & where I’ve felt safe.

vine screenshot

My Vine Videos from Tel Aviv #tlv4fun

This little blogger loves his social media, so when Vine.co was announced back a few months ago, I joined pretty much within minutes of the announcement on Mashable. It also helped that my…


Za’atar – The Best Spice in the Middle East #tlv4fun

My favorite Middle Eastern flavor, Za’atar Spice…what is it and what can you use it for?

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