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Chefchaouen Waterfall (Morocco)

Chefchaouen’s disappointing waterfall

Chefchaouen’s disappointing waterfall Chefchaouen, Morocco is in the north of Morocco and is probably most famous for its beautifully vibrant blue medina (or city center). The Morocco Lonely Planet also said the city…

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Finding Design Inspiration in Marrakech: The Majorelle Gardens

Marrakech is one of those cities that captivates and mystifies. It’s old and new; big and small; rich and poor; beautiful and dirty. Everyone seems to have a different perception of it. This…

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Finding Design Inspiration in Marrakech: The Bahia Palace

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but one of the 5 reasons why I’m traveling around the world is to get inspired. And that’s why I ended up in Morocco. Ever since…

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The Blue Medina of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Though I’d heard the word a lot while planning my trip, I didn’t understand what a medina was until I stepped into one. It’s an old city. Walled off, you often enter through…

One Month Abroad: my thoughts so far

Interested to know how I’ve been getting along at the beginning of my RTW trip? Because of all the great feedback I got on my first week abroad, I thought I’d share what’s…


Lonely Planet Morocco Guidebook Review

If you’ve been reading my Facebook wall, you’ll already know I’ve been having a bit of a challenging time in Morocco. My first six days in the country have been surprisingly expensive and…

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