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Ta Prohm temple, Angkor, Cambodia

Photos from Ta Prohm temple at Angkor Wat

When I look back at my 18 months of traveling around the world, Cambodia is one of a few countries that stands out. I spent one month backpacking in Cambodia and it was…

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Bamboo Train in Battambang, Cambodia

Battambang’s biggest tourist attraction is the bamboo train. Basically, its story is this: it’s a train made out of bamboo. Why? So that it’s ultra-light. Which means that when the bigger, faster &…

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VIDEO: Adam plays Tomb Raider in Angkor, Cambodia

Today’s video of me is from Siam Reap, Cambodia. I’m at the Ta Prohm temple—part of the massive Angkor temple complex (the most famous being Angkor Wat). This is near the “Tomb Raider”…

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The boat from Siam Reap to Battambang

Just like before I took the slow boat to Laos, I did a bunch of research online about the boat from Siam Reap to Battambang in Cambodia. Lots of negative reviews, mostly along…

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On the beach in Cambodia: Bamboo Island

Though I didn’t mention it as one of my goals for my round-the-world trip, being on the beach was deeply embedded in my plans. I love the sun, the sand, the saltwater. Waking…

Thai/Cambodia border crossing

The notoriously scammy Thai-Cambodia border crossing at Poipet

I’d read a few things about the notoriously scammy Thai-Cambodia border crossing, and had heard quite a few travel tales, too. Cambodia has quite the reputation for traveler scams and I wanted to…

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