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Yellow Hostel

Friendly & Stylish Backpacker Hostel in Rome: The Yellow

Review of the backpacker and gay-friendly Yellow Hostel in Rome. Located near Rome’s main central railway, Roma Termini Station.


One million flowers: Photos of the Brussels Flower Carpet

Photos from the bi-annual flower carpet in Belgium. The 2012 Brussels Flower Carpet’s theme is “Africa” and features one million begonia flowers.


Windowsills of Burano

I’ve never been to as colorful a place as the Burano Island in Venice. While all the buildings may be painted in pretty pastels, I found the windowsills in Burano to be worthy…


Pretty Potsdam: a day trip from Berlin

Photos of the very pretty Potsdam (day trip from Berlin) and its palaces & colorful parks, notably the Rococo Sanssouci summer palace.

Tourists on Burano island

Burano: the most colorful island of Venice

There’s no doubt that Venice is beautiful, but I didn’t quite realize how beautiful until I started exploring more than just the main tourist areas. At the recommendation of a friend I headed…

Sunset in Dunedin, New Zealand

Sunset in Dunedin, New Zealand

Most people may not realize this because I seldom talk about it, but when I was studying in Sydney, Australia in 2006 I took a week-long vacation to New Zealand. I went with…

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Finding Design Inspiration in Marrakech: The Majorelle Gardens

Marrakech is one of those cities that captivates and mystifies. It’s old and new; big and small; rich and poor; beautiful and dirty. Everyone seems to have a different perception of it. This…

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Finding Design Inspiration in Marrakech: The Bahia Palace

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but one of the 5 reasons why I’m traveling around the world is to get inspired. And that’s why I ended up in Morocco. Ever since…

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The Blue Medina of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Though I’d heard the word a lot while planning my trip, I didn’t understand what a medina was until I stepped into one. It’s an old city. Walled off, you often enter through…


72 T-shirts

I own 72 t-shirts. I’ve always been a t-shirt collector. Band concerts, festivals & trips have all added to my collection. I’ve gotten rid of several t-shirts that I stopped wearing years ago,…

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