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The importance of receiving gifts when you live abroad

Are you an expat? What makes you happy when living abroad. Receiving care packages and gifts from home always makes me smile!

Wombat Wednesday: Wombats are awesome, yo!

Travels of Adam? Travels of a wombat. Wombat Wednesday follows Mr Wombat on hist travels around the world. Like wombats? This is what you must do: Watch the video below. Go to wombatsareawesome.com…

Current Travel Promotions – July 2010

It’s summertime and that usually means summertime marketing and travel deals. A lovely time of year, yeah? Here’s the scoop:

Win Me a trip to Costa Rica from Nomadic Matt & Gap Adventures

I can’t believe I’m posting this publicly. I am now officially an Internet dork. Below is my video entry for the Win a Free 2 Week Trip to Costa Rica contest from Nomadic…

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