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Travel Photo: Helsinki’s Coolest Patio at Ihana Kahvila

This summer while discovering the cool things to do in Helsinki, I used one of my favorite iPhone apps to find out about Helsinki’s hipster cafe called Ihana Kahvila. Located in an industrial…

Berlin Beer Festival

Travel Photo: International Berlin Beer Festival

Berlin Travel Photo of the annual International Berlin Beer Festival (Biermeile) – 2,000 beers from around the world over 2km in downtown Berlin


Drinking Absinthe at Bar Marsella in Barcelona

A night out drinking absinthe in Barcelona at the legendary Bar Marsella – where Hemingway, Picasso, Gaudi and Dali used to get their drink on.


My travel history with beer—and a new craft beer for travelers!

If you ask me, beer and travel go hand-in-hand. From trips based around the hops & barley drink to those tourists that collect and try different beers from around the world, in most…

Wilde Renate

Losing myself in Berlin’s most surrealist bar & labyrinth

Berlin’s most surrealist bar experience: Peristal Signum at Wilde Renate. A labyrinth made from found objects that will get your mind going—truly unique!


4 Cocktail Bars in San Francisco

A cocktail crawl through downtown San Francisco – all in the name of charity! (and a good drink…or four!)


Baumblütenfest wine festival in Werder, Germany

When I moved to Berlin at the end of last summer I heard a lot about how great Berlin is during the month of May. With May Day (May 1st) to unofficially kick…

Wombat Wednesday: Margaritaville

Wombat Wednesday is a photo series showcasing the travels of Mr. Wombat. Who is Mr. Wombat? Well, he’s a stuffed wombat I brought back from Australia. Why? Because wombats are awesome—especially Mr. Wombat…

My Upcoming Weekend Trips

I’ve got a decent amount of travel plans in my near future: NYC this weekend; Washington, D.C. next and Vermont the weekend after. I’ll be spending a lot of time looking out of…

#BostonTravelers TweetUp RoundUp

Since I started blogging in the past few months I’ve “met” a lot of interesting & exciting people through Twitter. Obviously it’s been a great way to digitally talk with like-minded individuals, but…

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