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Travel Photo: Graffiti at the East Side Gallery

The remnants of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery are consistently vandalized with graffiti. Why?

Abandoned Berlin Hospital

Travel Photo: Abandoned Berlin Hospital

Urban exploring and graffiti photos in the abandoned Berlin hospital


27 Photos of Tel Aviv Street Arts #tlv4fun

Photos and commentary on some of Tel Aviv’s street art and graffiti

Jerusalem street art

Street art in Jerusalem isn’t always political (PHOTOS)

While plenty of graffiti in Jerusalem can be negative, not all of it is. Some street art in Jerusalem spreads a messages of hope, peace & love.


13 photos of the wall surrounding Bethlehem

The Bethlehem wall, built by Israel & covered in graffiti by Palestinians and international supporters, is a symbol of nonviolent protest in the West Bank.

A stencil in Tel Aviv...in German

The Berlin, Tel Aviv connection: why these two cities are so cool

Berlin and Tel Aviv share many similarities — they’re both über cool cities for the cultural and creative. Here’s what makes both Berlin & Tel Aviv so cool.


Graffiti park in Berlin: Preisterweg Nature Park

The nature park located at Preisterweg in Berlin is a wooded nature park where graffiti tagging is allowed.

Graffiti in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Street art in Indonesia: Yogyakarta

I’m always interested in finding the alternative districts and areas of the cities I visit (like Kreuzberg in Berlin, or Silom in Bangkok), so when Jimmy from Strange-Lands.com contacted me about Yogyakarta in…

Street art in Vienna, Austria

Street art and graffiti in pretty Vienna

When most people think of Vienna, opera houses and dead classical composers probably come to mind. At least, that’s what I expected before I visited the city over the summer. Vienna has a…


Haifa, Israel: Things to do on Masada Street

A lame attempt as part of the Hipsters Around the World series on travelsofadam.com. Haifa is Israel’s 3rd (or maybe 4th…I’m not sure) largest city. (Actually, defining an Israeli’s city size is a…

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