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Photos from the 2012 Hipster Olympics Festival in Berlin

Yes, Berlin is so goddamn hipster, there’s even a festival to determine the best hipster in Berlin. Photos from the 2012 Hipster Olympics in Berlin


Bangkok’s hipster & vintage night market: Ratchada-Ladphrao

Bangkok has lots of great shopping markets, but the Ratchada-Ladphrao night market & Ladphrao bazaar every Saturday night is Bangkok’s most hipster market.


Hipster Jerusalem: Things to do near Zion Square

When I first landed in Israel (well, walked into Israel, really), I had little idea of what to expect. Coming from Egypt, I was already used to the Middle Eastern lifestyle (ie, things…

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Hipster kitsch in Grapevine, TX

Most small towns in America are known for certain kitschy appeal—a main street with an old-town cinema, a friendly neighbor or a local bakery. Grapevine somehow manages to keep all that kitsch, but…

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Hipster things to do in Grapevine, Texas (my hometown)

On my recent trip back to the United States, I took a few days to explore my old stomping grounds: Grapevine, Texas. Now first things first: when people ask me where I’m from,…

Berlin's Görlitzer Park

Hipster Berlin: Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg

Berlin may as well be a hipster heaven, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite highlights of the most hipster city in Europe (or at least of the few I’ve been…

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Hipster Tel Aviv: Alternative things to do & places to see in the Middle East’s Sin City

A more updated version of my hipster Tel Aviv travel tips can be found here: Hipster Tel Aviv travel tips (updated regularly). I spent four months in Tel Aviv this summer and then…

Flash Mob in Israel

Just discovered that there’s going to be a flash mob in Israel next week. As a hipster, there’s little to no reason for me not to go. As someone interested in peaceful protests,…

Hipsters Around the World

Put on your chucks. Grab your skinny jeans off the floor. Slip on that ironic tee. This blog’s about to get hipsterfied.

Hipster Hitler

Found on YouTube: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSnlVndFXQQ I just got back from New York City. First time in a while I didn’t make it to Brooklyn. I miss the hipsters.

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