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Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Most Unusual Car Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum outside of Stuttgart is one of the most impressive car museums I’ve ever visited. It’s more than just cars, it’s everything!


Travel and life lessons from an indie ebook set in London — “I wish we could always live like this”

“I wish we could always live like this” and other life lessons worth living from the indie ebook about London in the ’90s

inside an airplane

the inspiration behind my travels

the who/what/where/when/why of my inspiration for traveling. here’s a hint, it involves a hostel in poland, my sister, a boat in sydney and a weekend in iceland

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Raj Ghat, Gandhi memorial in Delhi

The Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Delhi, India was one of the few places in the capital city that I wanted to make sure to visit when I travelled around India last winter. Delhi…

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Lost in my mind & finding inspiration

Well, I’ve been in Europe for more than three months now, and most of it I’ve been here, living in Berlin. I’ve said it a million times, but there’s something truly special and…

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3 Places Where Words Fail

It took my three tries before I came up with a title for this post. The three places I’m about to introduce you to are places I’ve visited in the past four months…

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Finding Design Inspiration in Marrakech: The Majorelle Gardens

Marrakech is one of those cities that captivates and mystifies. It’s old and new; big and small; rich and poor; beautiful and dirty. Everyone seems to have a different perception of it. This…

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Finding Design Inspiration in Marrakech: The Bahia Palace

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but one of the 5 reasons why I’m traveling around the world is to get inspired. And that’s why I ended up in Morocco. Ever since…

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Do What You Love

On Wednesday this past week, I had the opportunity to attend a screening of a short documentary: Lemonade. The movie was created by the man behind Please Feed The Animals—a blog & job…

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