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Should you visit Israel?

Maybe you’ve heard great things about Tel Aviv’s nightlife (even here on this blog). Or you’re interested in Middle Eastern history & culture. Or maybe you’re religious and interested in the religious history…

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Hipster Tel Aviv: Alternative things to do & places to see in the Middle East’s Sin City

A more updated version of my hipster Tel Aviv travel tips can be found here: Hipster Tel Aviv travel tips (updated regularly). I spent four months in Tel Aviv this summer and then…


Yad Vashem: Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem

Almost every city around the world has a Holocaust memorial or Holocaust museum. Israel is no different and with lots of history museums in Israel, Jerusalem is a prime location for a Holocaust…

What’s there to be afraid of?

Remember how some dude said something about “the only thing to fear is fear itself?” (I’m being intentionally glib, fyi, so don’t give me too much trouble.) Well, today I actually thought about…

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