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It’s the Little Things…

Reflecting on my pre-travel days and the things that I miss. HINT: It’s the little things.

2013 Gifts for Men - Camera Guide

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Photo Lovers

My 2013 Holiday Gift Guide includes things most men & women would enjoy if they’re into photography. Includes cameras, apps and photo recommendations!


7 quirky things about living in Berlin

I’m about to fly back to America for the Thanksgiving holiday so thought I’d share some of the funny things I’ve noticed while living in Berlin as an “expat” (but please don’t call…

German Movies

German movies I didn’t know were German

I recently visited the Museum für Film und Fernsehen (Museum of Film & Television) here in Berlin. The museum covers a massive range of topics on the history of cinema in Germany. I…

Do you make a travel checklist?

The following is a sponsored post by Good2Go travel insurance – a new website offering travel insurance, as well as travel tips & guidelines. My Moleskine notebook, apart from being full of all…

From my notebook, 2007-2009

Periodically, I’ll show you what’s inside by notebook. While cleaning out all my stuff, I came across some of my old notebooks from the past few years. I like to write things down….


Smithsonian art exhibit on to do lists & an illustrated packing list

I’m finding myself making lots of lists recently. Lists of friends to e-mail, of things to do, of stuff to buy. When I went to Washington, D.C. in February 2010, I visited the…

Planning a RTW trip in 23 steps

Since my travel plans are now all out in the open, I’ve had to actually start preparing for my Big Trip (that’s what I’m calling it…for now). How do you go about the…

Thinbveiller Church

5 Reasons Why I Want to Travel Around the World

I’ve been asked several times why I’m planning to travel around the world; what’s a good reason to travel? Everyone has a different reason to travel. Some of many, some have few. Some…

Travel blogs I like

It’s about time I did this! Check out my new Travel Links Directory. I’ve tried to include the various RTW travelers, travel writers & travel blogs out there that I’ve been reading and…

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