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Potsdam building, orientailsm

Orientalism & Chinoiserie architecture around Europe

Barcelona, Potsdam and Brighton are all home to some important and extensive Orientalism & Chinoiserie architecture around Europe.


Blanch House – boutique hotel in Brighton, England

Brighton seemed to me to be full of boutique hotels—probably why it’s so popular with the gays (or maybe I have that the other way around?)… Anyways, the perennial favorite Blanch House which…


Hotel Pelirocco: rock & roll hotel in Brighton

On my trip to Brighton I didn’t stay at the Hotel Pelirocco but I did go to the bar one evening to enjoy a cocktail (or two). The stylish boutique hotel isn’t located…


Cupcake decorating in Brighton

One of the things I didn’t get to do much of last year while traveling was baking and cooking. I don’t spend much time in the kitchen, but on my recent trip to…


Inside the Spirit of Chartwell—the royal barge for the Queen’s Jubilee

On my recent trip to Brighton with the England Tourism Board, I also had the opportunity to visit a few Royal sites in London. My knowledge of the British monarchy is pretty slim…

Early morning easyJet flight

From Berlin to Brighton for the weekend

Last weekend I had the chance to escape Berlin and visit Brighton for the first time. The last time I was in England was already over 5 years ago, so I was long…

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