Volcan P
That's me standing in front of the abyss. (Actually, at the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.)

So, I wanted to write quickly about who I am and what this blog is all about. I’ll have a post soon about my plan, but wanted to write down quickly about how & why I chose to do this trip.

I wrote before (see About) that I decided to take a RTW trip after visiting Iceland with @LizKoch. While that’s true, I believe I may actually have been genetically pre-disposed to RTW travel my whole life. Is there a travel gene? I sure hope so!

Actually, my reasoning is this: I grew up knowing and wanting to travel. With my dad working in the airline industry we had lots of chances to travel through the US plus the occasional trip abroad. And not only that. My dad took a RTW trip when he was 30 (older than I am today, but I’ve always been a bit precocious), so that’s always been something I’ve had in the back of my mind. He’s been really supportive (same with my mom) of the “plan.” I’m guessing my interest in travel stems from my dad’s interest in travel, and for that, I’m thankful.

But, wait! There’s more! My older sister Kiera also took a “Big Trip” back in 2001 (actually leaving the country when she was younger than I’ll be on my departure date). Her trip was cut short, but she always had the best things to say about long-term traveling.

I should also mention that while my sister was on her trip, she sent out mass e-mails appropriately titled “Travels of Kiera.” To this day, whenever I receive a travel update from her (well, she’s settled down into the suburban life recently, but, you know, she’s not totally lame), I’m always reminded of her very long (and mostly interesting) e-mails.

And that’s why I’ve titled my blog Travels of Adam. Because of the travel bug my father implanted into my genetic make-up (Thanks Dad!). And because I’ve been insanely jealous of my sister’s many travels (plus the constant desire to outshine her).

So, happy reading.

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  2. Adam

    Thanks for commenting Kiera. Of course I'm following along some of your footsteps and I'm looking forward to being able to tell lots of stories! Can't wait :)

  3. Kiera

    As your sister, I like to think you are the sequel to the “Travels of Kiera”. I can't wait to read all your postings and now live vicariously through you. And your soon-to-be niece will have great bedtime stories read to her, so enjoy and discover all you can.

  4. Sashee

    U definitely have the travel bug!!! It's not curable (and who would want to really) but it definitely can be treated with travel!!! Also I think there is definitely a travel gene most likely to be a recessive gene (something my Mum and Bro completely missed out on, dislike travel alot). U are so going to have a blast on your travels, can't wait to hear about where your heading!!!

  5. Adam

    Ah, luckily for me most of my immediate family has the travel gene. I'm hoping some of them will visit on the road, too. It'd be pretty sweet to meet up with them on the other side of the world.

  6. goodluck adam…


  7. Adam

    Haha! I'm going to have enough trouble fitting all my stuff. Haven't quite figured out the logistics yet but I know RTW packing is NOT easy. Bleh.

  8. Adam

    Haha! I'm going to have enough trouble fitting all my stuff. Haven't quite figured out the logistics yet but I know RTW packing is NOT easy. Bleh.

  9. Monica

    I so wish you could take me with you! You can pack me as your carry on…lol.

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