Wombat Wednesday is a new photo series showcasing the travels of Mr. Wombat. Who is Mr. Wombat? Well, he’s a stuffed wombat I brought back from Australia. Why? Because wombats are awesome—especially Mr. Wombat who has been all over the world. Kind of.

Paris Balcony
Mr Wombat sits on a Paris Balcony

Here, Mr. Wombat sits on the balcony window of a Paris hostel near the Latin Quarter. We visited Paris for a weekend in June 2007. Expect to see more photos from this trip, since Mr. Wombat & I were there for under 24 hours and just about all we did was take pictures.

Paris is a great city for wanderers. Getting lost in the alleys and just wandering around with a camera in hand is one of my favorite ways to experience Parisian life. Mr Wombat, however, always on the lookout for fun, appreciates a little bit of kitsch. Lucky for him, Paris can do kitsch pretty well too. Disneyland Paris tickets are a good way to escape from pretty Paris and see another side to the city.

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  1. Now, I know why you were upset about our Australia Webisode on Animals… I had no idea you loved wombats so much!! I'm looking forward to your Mr. Wombat series!

  2. Adam

    Wombats are the absolute BEST! You'll have to feature them in your next Australian video, k?

  3. Great photo. I hope you're planning to take Mr. Wombat on your RTW trip. :)

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