On Wednesday this past week, I had the opportunity to attend a screening of a short documentary: Lemonade. The movie was created by the man behind Please Feed The Animals—a blog & job board for recently laid-off creative professionals.

Being a creative professional myself, I was instantly attracted to the premise of the movie. Basically it follows the stories of several advertising professionals who were laid off from their jobs and then did something about it afterward. Hearing their stories was truly inspirational. Check out the trailer above.

The underlying message of the movie is essentially to do what you love. By being laid off from your job, you’re basically given a clean slate, though there’s no reason to really wait for that happen. That’s probably why I’m planning on leaving my job & going around the world. It’s what I want to do and I might as well make it happen.

During the Q&A after the screening, Erik Proulx (the guy behind the movie) reiterated this by saying you should just print up business cards for whatever it is you want to do, and then leave it to fate to figure out the rest. It’s an awesome idea—one I can wholeheartedly agree with.

Another interesting point: Doing what you love is going to take some hard work and dedication. You might not make money off of your new life plan (not right away, for sure), but so long as it’s something you honestly want to do, there’s no harm in trying.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and do what you love. Whether it’s traveling, starting your own business or writing that book that’s been in the back of your mind. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Just do it. And remember: it’s never too late.

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  1. Adam

    Confucius is awesome. It is true, though, that so long as you like what you do, work ends up not feeling like work.

    I've been pretty lucky so far with doing things I enjoy and can only hope it can continue long into the future.

  2. Adam

    Hi Sofia – thanks for stopping by. It's nice to think good things happen even where you least expect it.

  3. Sofia

    Thanks for sharing that trailer, very inspiring! Everything in life happens for a reason and a purpose that serves you – even losing your job..

  4. Monica

    Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I haven't successfully fullfilled that but I'm working towards it. I hope you do too. :)

  5. Adam

    I completely agree with you, Sasha. It's important to be fearless when it comes to your own life plans.

  6. Sasha

    Really good point!!! Very refreshing to hear this, 'Do what you love' is something i think alot of people are afraid of saying and even more afraid of doing. Sometimes are think we are far to sensible for our own good and the expense is our freedom and happiness.

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