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It’s about time I did this! Check out my new Travel Links Directory. I’ve tried to include the various RTW travelers, travel writers & travel blogs out there that I’ve been reading and interacting with these past few months. Hopefully you’ll find it a useful listing of the web’s best travel sites. I also included some useful Twitter lists, though I’d like to expand on that later.

If I’ve failed to include you, don’t fret! I did this all afternoon while watching the Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain No Reservations TV marathon, so I’m likely to have forgotten something. Comment below or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll fix my mistakes.

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  1. Adam

    … and thank YOU!

  2. Thanks, Adam! I've added you to my blogroll!

  3. Adam

    Thanks for the comment Zoe. I'll check out your site. Also, congrats on getting a novel out! That's something I can only hope to do someday.

  4. I wonder if you'd be interested in listing my blog, The Next Youth Hostel. The focus is more on reflective posts about traveling, especially women traveling solo, than current travel news, but it might work for you and your audience. Check it out: Also, I have a backpacker novel, CURRENCY, coming out in May.

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