Work Sucks! Be Calm.

How to Work Better
Fischli/Weiss at the Tate Modern (apologies for the blurry shot)


When I was uploading photos from my semester at London, I came across this poster I’d seen at the Tate Modern. It’s a listing of 10 commandments on how to work better (from the artists Fischli & Weiss).

After a week like this one (needless to say, work was tough this week), sometimes it’s nice to think of ways to make your time at work better. I’d also like to point out that these aren’t just commandments on how to work better, but that they can be applied to living life in general—especially the following rules:

  • Learn to listen
  • Learn to ask questions
  • Accept change as inevitable
  • Admit mistakes
  • Be calm
  • Smile
So next time you’re in an office or a cubicle and wondering how to work better, take a moment to breathe, and try to remember these rules on how to work better

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  1. Adam

    It's so true! Hard to focus when there are bigger & better things on my mind. That is why I must remind myself to smile and remain calm for the remainder of my 9-5 career.

  2. Good post. Work is especially difficult when you've got that bright, shining light beckoning to you on the calendar. Once an escape hatch has been established, it's like we're lemmings running toward it full-tilt.

  3. TheInfoPreneur

    Really good life lessons here, admit your mistakes is the one of the rarest things on the net at the moment!, RT'ing now

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  5. Words to live by!

  6. Adam

    Good idea! I think I will hang it up in my office for my remaining few months. Hopefully it'll inspire someone.

  7. Adam

    Seriously! I think the world expects everyone to be capable of multitasking every moment of every day. But really, people need to slow down.

  8. ottsworld

    Wow – I really need to practice #1 – thanks for the reminder!

  9. nomadicchick

    Man, this list should be posted in every single office. Perhaps I wouldn't want to bolt if that were the case. I just heard from a former coworker that her past company let some psycho with bi-polar hash out abuse to everyone. He even said to her one day, “I should just kill you.” Why is this shite accepted in an office environment, but on the street someone would call the cops??

  10. Adam

    Condescending co-workers are not so good.

  11. Monica

    I'd also like to add: Don't be condescending.

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