Well, hey! Look it’s me on Internet-TV! Why? Because I’m oh so charismatic.

Why?! Okay, well I was interviewed by Joselin from BostonTweetUp.com about our Boston Twavel TweetUp #2 event. His company is kind enough to organize and maintain a running calendar of various meet ups around Boston. A really useful resource if you’re interested in meeting people (who isn’t, really?). Some history on Boston Travelers after the jump, as well as the details for Friday’s TweetUp.

#BostonTravelers is a group of travel bloggers, tweeters & just about anyone interested in travel/couchsurfing from the greater Boston area. It started when I read about a Boston blogger TweeetUp event on Susan’s (@susanforshner) blog Transient Travels and then realized I wanted to talk to similar-minded folks in real life, too!

Susan enthusiastically helped me organize a TweetUp event a few weeks back (read about it here) which I’m so glad we did. Soon after that I realized that another one of my Twitter-friends (Louise from @travelpod) was going to be in Boston this upcoming weekend. Hence, the Boston Twavel TweetUp #2 (RSVP here!) this Friday.

If you’re in Boston, I hope you can join us.

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  1. Adam

    please alert the masses!

  2. Adam

    why thank you oh so much!!

    the tweetup was a lot of fun. i'd recommend doing them if/when you stay put somewhere for a little while.

  3. Adam

    Internet famous!

  4. Sweet! You's a supastar!

  5. unbjames

    Good to see your face/voice Adam! When is your departure date for your trip (Mine is November 2010)?

  6. Adam

    Mine is tentatively set for the end of April-ish. I feel like I still have so much to plan & do and yet all I want is to be on the road. Patience, I suppose is still key—as is saving more & more money.

    Plus I'm enjoying all this pre-departure travel talk with others.

  7. Adam

    You definitely should! If you make it before mid-April-ish, I'll arrange a TweetUp! You're in Ohio, right?

  8. Cornelius Aesop

    This makes me want to be in Boston this weekend. I might have to make a trip out there sometime.

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