Britpop is the bomb. Now, I generally prefer The Libertines, Radiohead and the like, but there are some solid female vocalists in my favorite English-speaking country as well. Check out these lovely ladies.

Carina Round

I saw her live when she opened for some band I was seeing here in Boston. Her voice is pretty. And she’s British.

Nellie McKay

Love her. Her lyrics are hilarious. She makes music fun.

and… Amy Winehouse

She’s a mess, but a lovely one.

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  1. Adam

    Yeah, Kate Nash is good, too.

    Nothing's come out of Amy in a while, right? When I first heard her, I had no idea how messed up her personal life was. I didn't believe it for the longest time because her music was just so… awesome.

  2. I adore Amy Winehouse! Wish she would get her shit together and make some more awesome music.

    i would add Kate Nash to this list.

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