Boston’s Quincy Market is one of those really popular tourist spots everyone goes to when they visit Boston. Even as a not-tourist, I’ll sometimes go for lunch. Plus when the weather’s nice, you get lots of street buskers.

Quincy Market is also where I participated in one of Boston’s “flash mob” events a few years ago. It’s a great place for random acts of fun because of the mix of tourists & locals. I did a “silent dance party” there in 2008 which was a lot of fun because nobody knew what was going on except for those of us listening to the track on our iPods. I love this kind of stuff!

Aaaand… in Polaroid news, beginning today you can now buy Polaroid film again! Check out The Impossible Project for details. I think I’ll probably buy a pack or two because the film I’ve been using has been expired for almost a year now. Colors are coming out all fuzzy.

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  1. Adam

    Thanks for the link, Stephanie. Looks like an interesting program—one worth checking out.

  2. That's awesome that you have a Polaroid ! I have always wanted one but finding one that works, or film has been tricky. The reason I would take a Polaroid for my next trip: you can give the people their photo. You would be surprised how many people in the world have never seen their own photo. Every time I used to take pics of people in the poorer regions, specially kids I wished I had a Polaroid to hand out as a thank you!!

  3. monica530

    Boston’s Quincy Market sounds like New York's Union Square. I love these Polariod photos. So glad I get to hear the story behind each one. :)

  4. Adam

    That's such a good idea! And a totally rational reason to bring my Polaroid…. plus I'll feel good about being able to give someone something in return.

    Great idea!!!

  5. Adam

    Yes and thanks for reminding me about them!

    As neat as Quincy Market is, it doesn't compare to Union Square. NYC is so so cool!

  6. Adam

    Polaroids are pretty sweet. It definitely gets attention when I pull out a big fat camera that hasn't seen the light of day since the 90s. Plus it's loud.

    And I can't wait to start taking more photos when I get some of this new film that's out!

  7. Am loving these polaroid posts

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