Periodically, I’ll show you what’s inside by notebook. While cleaning out all my stuff, I came across some of my old notebooks from the past few years.

I like to write things down. Words are usually pretty useful. These are some of my lists:

Favorite Words (2008)

Resolutions (2008)

Adam's problems (2007)

Things to do w/ my life (9 Oct 2007)

Life Plan options (2 Aug 2008)

On a list of “things to do with my life” from 2007, I found the following goal:

Backpack (9 Oct 2007)

“backpack for an extended amount of time, living & working across the world”

Well…it’s about time!

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  2. gil serique

    alan Dean Foster(author os startrek, alien, the drowning world …)had a small list at the time we travelled together. i remember tintinibulation, i may have mispelled any way.
    cool blog mate

  3. Adam

    That's a nice word!

    “tintinnabulation: the ringing or sound of bells”

    What were you doing traveling with Alan Dean Foster?

    • Gilserique

      a bit late: i am a guide  we were travelling around Brazil. The trip inspired him to write The Drowning World that he dedicated to me.

      all the best

  4. Adam

    I never kept a travel journal when I studied abroad and I'm kicking myself now that I find myself wanting to write & record travel stories on this blog. Ah, oh well.

  5. I loved this post, especially the ending :) I've been thinking about doing something similar, I want to try and find my travel journal from when I studied abroad and find out what I wrote about.

  6. What a unique glimpse into the person behind the blog…great idea Adam.

    I wonder how many of the things on your lists have been checked off by now or are no longer 'problems', hopefully many! Although I think I see 'punch someone in the face' up there, so I'm curious how that one turned out.

  7. Adam

    Good eyes! “Punch someone in the face” is definitely on the list. I haven't worked myself up to the face, only the belly so far.

    But there's still time.

  8. brookevstheworld

    You should probably move to Australia… all the cool kids are doing it these days ;)

  9. Adam

    oh don't worry! I definitely plan on it. December 2010, I'll be there.

  10. Adam

    Thanks Heather!

    I've definitely got more. I've got years of journals—lists, quotations and new ones all the time!

  11. Really like the photo/text post :-) If you've got more, do it again sometime.

    Isn't it great to look back at a notebook/journal and realize that the dream is becoming a reality. Almost makes it more surreal in a way. I found where I made a similar statement in a notebook a couple of years ago, and it's so odd that it's only weeks away. You're only days away, my friend!!!

  12. pinaytraveljunkie

    This is so cute! I love making lists too… As much as I love buying notebooks (especially if they're from another country I visited). Haha!

  13. flexeble

    Its amazing to see the running thread through your notebook writings—moving to live somewhere…

  14. Adam

    I've got a random assortment of notebooks, too. But Moleskines are my safe, standby notebook-of-choice.

  15. Adam

    Thanks for commenting!!!

    Yep. Though up until today it was only words on paper.

  16. monica530

    Aww…this is so cute! I do this too except I list things out on Excel. I like the list that starts with “punch someone…” :)

  17. Adam

    Words ARE fantastic!

    The only way I can remember the best words is by writing them down.

  18. Adam

    Both are serious issues which should be addressed by everyone.

  19. I really need to start doing this to help me jot down ideas. I love your favorite words! They are fantastic!

  20. I like that under your list of problems you just wrote “girls.” And “sneezing”.

  21. Adam


    I always try to write down interesting words that I come across so I can remember them. As far as zombies, those are potentially a problem for everyone! We must be prepared.


  22. Adam

    Thanks Jeremy!

    I hadn't looked at some of these lists in years, so it was pretty cool to find out I had unconsciously begun to achieve them.

  23. Adam

    Hmm… every now and then I'll find myself making a list on the computer but there's something different about putting it in your own handwriting. Makes me remember it more, I think.

  24. Adam

    Thank you!

  25. I love looking at posts of notebooks and journals. Very cool post :)

  26. Great angles for the photos. Glad some of those goals are getting accomplished!

  27. ardenttraveller

    What a nice idea for a post, Adam. Love your list of favo(u)rite words and your aim to “look in to people's eyes more”. Lastly, I'm interested to hear about your problems with zombies.

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