If you’ve been following along as I’ve been planning my imminent Big Trip, you’ll no doubt realize that the Internet has historically been my first (and most important) stop while trip planning. It’s been that way for a while now.

In the Spring of ’07, when I first got the idea in my head to go to Bonnaroo, I started reading blogs and forums of past & present festival-goers. Though I didn’t end up going to Bonnaroo that year (my first “real-life” job got in the way), it was a good first step in planning a festival trip.

I was never very good at being a dirty hippie and Bonnaroo was a bit of a stretch for me, but I so wanted to get the experience and catch all the bands. Reading blogs about Bonnaroo, though, led me to believe you’d need to bring all sorts of crazy things in order to survive. This was my original packing list based on the absurd things I read:

Bonnaroo packing list
Click for larger view

You’ll probably notice Mr. Wombat made the list; right above dry ice which I thought I would need for some reason. Along with walkie-talkies.

When I did end up going to Bonnaroo in 2008, I didn’t end up bringing nearly as much stuff as is on this list. Some of the highlights of what I did actually bring:

  • Instead of the Hogwarts flag, I brought an Australian flag… which incidentally got our campsite a lot of attention from people thinking we were a bunch of Aussies. Which I am not.
  • I didn’t bring nearly as much clothing as I first intended on this list, and I really only ended up wearing 1 pair of shorts the whole weekend. Rain or shine.
  • I didn’t have a day pack on this original list, and it was something I picked up literally a half hour before leaving for the festival. That $15 backpack from Marshall’s has been a staple for just about every trip since.
  • It doesn’t matter how many cleaning supplies you bring to Bonnaroo. You will be dirty before you even arrive (especially if you drove & had to wait in line to get in). And you will remain so until your first shower afterward.
  • You’ll see “pens/paper/journal/blog” on that list. That just may be the first hint at my future Internet career!
  • Mr. Wombat was of course in attendance. And oh boy is there a story to tell about that. More on that later. I swear!

Moral of the story: It doesn’t matter what’s on your packing list. It’ll change before you leave, and then again once you’re on the road.

Wombat Wednesday is a photo series showcasing the travels of Mr. Wombat. Who is Mr. Wombat? Well, he’s a stuffed wombat I brought back from Australia. Why? Because wombats are awesome—especially Mr. Wombat who has been all over the world. Kind of.

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  3. Did Mr. Wombat make it to Spain? I’m working on my own list for my extensive road trip this June, trying to condense everything that I’ll need is hard but always glad to see others switch theirs around on a regular basis as well.

  4. Did Mr. Wombat make it to Spain? I’m working on my own list for my extensive road trip this June, trying to condense everything that I’ll need is hard but always glad to see others switch theirs around on a regular basis as well.

  5. I never actually take out mine form the package, waiting for “great moment” to use it, but forgot to carry along for the big journey! Can you really use it to write upside down? (This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode about it!)

  6. CamelsAndChocolate

    You're going to my hometown! All hail Bonnaroo!

  7. Adorable packing list!! Febreeze and astronaut food? I wish I had that astronaut food now, the freeze dried ice cream, I love that one! Got that when I was in Washington DC and Florida. I still regret didn't bring astronaut pen though, writing upside down will be terrific in hostels beds!

  8. Adam

    How funny! I knew one other person from the same town as Bonnaroo, too.

    And I'm actually not going this year. I went in 2008. This list was when I was considering going in 2007.

  9. Adam

    Oh! An astronaut pen is such a good idea. I had one as a kid, but it was kinda useless. For the hostel bed, though—such a good idea!

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