I can’t get enough of this song. Listening to it on repeat. Loudly. ♪♪ And everybody will be singing it, And you and I will be singing it, And we all will be singing it, oh oh oh oh… When I get older I will be stronger… ♪

(Oh, and can anyone loan me the book How Soccer Explains the World?)

And here’s another version of the song that I like just as much:

One last comment on my music tastes: I like anthems.

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  1. Adam

    You must be hiding out in a monkey cave or something. It's been playing everywhere!

  2. Adam

    Ah I know. I would've liked to be able to cheer “Go Africa” especially since I was in Africa during many of the games. Too bad Ghana :/

    But Sunday's game should be fun. Viva España!

  3. I love this tune as well. Too bad SA didn't last longer in the tournament.

  4. Adam

    ohhh! Thanks for sharing that Shannon. Now I've got another version to obsess over.

  5. ShannonOD

    That acoustic version is *AMAZING* – I have also been listening to this on repeat but my hands down fav is the Spanish version of this song. It's so fun and makes me smile:


  6. Adam

    What's been happening? I've been listening to this song A LOT! Just about on repeat for my entire 11 hour train ride from Luxor back to Cairo :)

  7. flexeble

    This is all well and good AG but what’s been happening on the trip? Your fans and followers need to know…

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