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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel in Egypt

Absolutely amazing. It’s hard to imagine I’ve now been to these places that I learned about in Mrs. Pittman’s 11th grade art history course. The Abu Simbel temple is a little more difficult to get to than other Egyptian temples, but it’s totally worth the journey.

Abu Simbel (Ancient Egypt Temple) Abu Simbel (Ancient Egypt Temple) Abu Simbel (Ancient Egypt Temple) Abu Simbel (Ancient Egypt Temple)

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  1. Adam

    He made it!

  2. Adam

    Hi Janice, So many of Egypt's monuments are fascinating every which way throughout history. Even the modern history of finding them and moving them. So much wonder here!

  3. Egypt is really a very beautiful, ancient, primitive and a very historical destination with all the beautiful and sacred tombs, shrines and all the great sculptures of the olden era of Egyptian civilization and all the great architecture of ancient times.

    It is a unique destination of preserving the dead all the mummies are preserved here with all the wax and other materials and are very unique and price-less and too antique which are all very historical and memorable.

  4. Janice

    I am really fascinated with ancient structures like the Pyramids, Taj mahal, Angkor Wat and many more it is quite intriguing n how did they mange to build such structures with a limited equipments isn't it fascinating or what?

  5. Jeremy

    Oh man. I'm glad you did then! Whew. A few friends of mine skipped out on going to sit by the pool of our hotel when we went. They didn't seem too upset but I felt really bad for them missing out. The walk to the temple is definitely one to get the energy going since you know its literally right on the other side of the rock mound. Still surprising how they moved it brick by brick to its current location

  6. Adam

    Hey Maria!
    So nice to hear from you and thanks for reading. I'm sending you an email as well :)

  7. Veganworldtrekker

    Hello Fellow Bostonian!
    I visited Abu Simbel 2 years ago. I don't remember any wombats. :)
    Cool pic!!
    By the way..There will be a Meet, Plan, Go “career gap” travel conference here in Boston in September. If you are back by then, you should join us!! Isn't the fresh, warm pita bread in Egypt THE BEST?!! Maria

  8. *dreamy sigh* One day I will be there… one day….

  9. *dreamy sigh* One day I will be there… one day….

  10. Adam

    Jeremy – Yep I'd agree with you about Abu Simbel. I'm so glad I took your recommendation, too. If you hadn't pestered me so much to see it I might've skipped it!!!

  11. Adam

    Thanks Jenna! Egypt is beautiful. But I'd recommend visiting in a cooler climate — especially if you go to places like Abu Simbel. It can get unbearably hot.

  12. Adam

    Yep, Abu Simbel is absolutely amazing. Not everyone goes because it's so far out of the way but it's definitely worth the trouble.

  13. Adam

    Hahaha Sasha! Didn't think about that but you may very well be correct!

  14. I think Abu Simbel is the most beautiful temple in Egypt by far. This picture is great

  15. I haven't been to Egypt yet but I find more people are impressed with this than the pyramids.

  16. I haven't been to Egypt yet but I find more people are impressed with this than the pyramids.

  17. Jenna

    I love the wombat photos, and this one is great– such an exciting and impressive place. I haven't been there but Egypt is high on my list.

  18. Sasha

    I wonder if this is the first wombat to go to Abu Simbel!!!

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