Travels of Adam? Travels of a wombat. Wombat Wednesday is a photo series of Mr. Wombat in places all around the world.


I really need to stop writing about Sevilla. But it’s too hard to resist.

Sevilla’s Royal Alcazar (the old Moorish palace) was probably my favorite attraction there. It’s an important historical place. Like so much of southern Spain, the palace was passed back and forth between the Moors and the Christians. If I remember correctly, Ferdinand & Isabella signed the document that sent Christopher Columbus off to find America in 1492 in one of the buildings of the Alcazar.

Not only is its history interesting, its design is excellent. Gardens, arches & patterns are everywhere. Easy to find inspiration, yeah?

Gold dome

Criss Cross

Pattern on a doorway


So many patterns



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  1. Adam

    Lucky he's got a friend like me to take him places!

  2. I love Alcazar too, even though when I was there it was really a hot summer day and I got soooo dehidrated (and laying down on bench in one of the gardens for a while). They have this light purple flowery/leafy trees when I was there, so pretty.
    Was it like that too when you were there?

  3. Great pictures! Just stumbled upon your blog. I love the top picture of Mr. Wombat. He is just soooo CUTE!!! Do you bring Mr. Wombat with you everywhere you travel?

  4. Adam

    Thanks Susan! Great photos are easy to come by in beautiful places.

  5. Adam

    It really was a captivating place. Even better that I got in for free! I missed seeing the peacocks though and the maze was closed…. I'll just have to go back I suppose!

  6. Adam

    Aw thanks Andi! Didn't realize you'd be in Spain! Where at and for how long? I absolutely love the country!

  7. Adam

    I'm inclined to agree. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

  8. flexeble

    See Sevilla has left its mark on you much like it did on me…

  9. Lovely pics. I loved the Alcazar when I was in Seville. Beautiful place as your pictures show!

  10. GlobalButterfly

    Gorgeous pics! I can't wait to be in Spain next week!!!

  11. Gorgeous photos! I even called Mike over to my computer to look.

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