Travels of Adam? Travels of a wombat. Wombat Wednesday follows Mr. Wombat on his travels around the world.

Philae Temple in Aswan, Egypt

Philae Temple in Aswan, Egypt. The sacrificial altar. Don’t worry: Mr Wombat’s okay. He’s just admiring all those hieroglyphics!

More photos from the Philae Temple

Philae Temple in Aswan, Egypt Philae Temple in Aswan, Egypt Philae Temple in Aswan, Egypt

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  2. Hahaha, super cute! So, he is a master of hieroglyph reading now?

  3. Adam

    He's learning his ABCs. (eagle, foot, swirly thing)

  4. Adam

    He's all safe & sound and has made it all the way to Israel so far!

  5. lol, Mr. Wombat! Be careful on that alter now ;-)

  6. you managed to get a smile out of me:)

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