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Dahab, Egypt

This photo was taken in Dahab on a lazy afternoon. (Do you know where Dahab is? If not—look it up!)

I spent a full seven days in Dahab mostly because it was so easy to do so. Every day felt lazy, but there were still lots of things to do and people to meet. I met some really great travel buddies while there and have been traveling with a small group of Dahabians ever since.

Making travel friends is a fun part of backpacking. Even Mr. Wombat has made new friends along the way!

More photos from Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt Dahab, Egypt
Dahab, Egypt

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  1. Love this… I am here now and that is how I feel. So lazy and doing nothing but meeting amazing people!

    • Adam

      oh man this post is from so long ago! Enjoy Dahab – still one of my most favorite places on earth

  2. Adam

    haha Em!

  3. Emily Groffman

    Looks like it could be a romantic relationship? Way to go, Mr. Wombat!

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