Last night I was out with some folks and we were talking about vegetarianism. Being “vegetarian” is something I’ve played around with, especially in the many months prior to my trip. I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals last year and it had a big impact on the way I think.

From what I remember of JSF’s reading in Brookline, MA, he said it’s important to act upon your convictions. If you know eating meat is bad for you, just don’t do it. But he also argued (and this was the most important thing for me) that if you “mess up” and end up eating meat one day, who cares? That doesn’t mean you’re a failure or that you’re no longer vegetarian. You shouldn’t have to be all or none. Because once you believe it’s either/or, if you break the cycle, you’re essentially screwed. You think you’ve failed so you’ll just give up. Bad news.

So, while I’d like to be a better vegetarian (I haven’t been vegetarian since April, and even then it was pretty loose), I’m okay with eating whatever the hell I please. So long as I know its impact.

I also really dislike being grouped into a stereotype. Just because I may act or do something a certain way, I’m automatically categorized. (Well, maybe not me personally, because I am awesome and defy all stereotypes.) I’m guilty of this myself, though, so I can’t complain too much. Why can’t we all just be people?

This post turned confusing rather quickly, didn’t it? Here’s a bulleted list, which maybe makes more (or less) sense:

  • eat what you want.
  • stereotypes aren’t cool.

In conclusion, I’m sorry for rambling. But know this: ultimatums suck.

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