Just discovered that there’s going to be a flash mob in Israel next week. As a hipster, there’s little to no reason for me not to go. As someone interested in peaceful protests, I’m there! And it’s for a good cause.

When I studied abroad in London for a very quick and way-too-short four months, flash mobs were just beginning to pick up. I wasn’t paying close enough attention, nor was there Twitter to help me find things to do, so I missed the few big ones that happened while I was there. I’d always end up reading about them in the free daily the next day. Plus, I didn’t have the courage to go. Alone or otherwise, doing something silly in public wasn’t exactly my style back then.

Now? I love silly. And I love meeting strangers. But most importantly, I care about peace.

Flash mob Freeze for the Settlement Freeze

Come and show your support for a renewal of the settlement freeze and peace negotiation by participating to a freeze flashmob.

Time until the end of the settlement freeze is running out. We must make sure that the voices of the majority in favor of a prolongation of the freeze and peace negotiations are heard by our government.

WHEN? Friday 24th of September, from 14:30 sharp to 14:33. Arrive at 14:20 and wander around the fountain.

WHERE? Kikar Dizengoff around the Agam fountain

WHAT? At 14:30 a strong whistle will be heard and all participants will freeze simultaneously for 3 minutes. Take imaginative poses!

More info on Facebook: https://facebook.com/event.php?eid=158139030870036


Can’t really decide if I’ll do the freeze or if I’ll just go as a “photographer.” Honestly, I’d rather participate than watch, but then I don’t end up with the photographs. It’s a tricky balance. Here’s a video from the last flash mob I participated in. In Boston on International Pillow Fight day, with my friend Jay.

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  1. enrolled agent cpe

    To fully appreciate and enjoy an event such as this one, it is best to join in the fun. Pretty sure there are other who would take the pictures.

  2. This sounds like loads of fun! Take part and worry about the pictures later :)

  3. take part in it and don’t care about the pics.. you’ll find tons on the web after the event:-)
    I recently took part in a flash mob in Southern Italy and it was so funny!
    Don’t miss it:-)

  4. Alouise

    I very geeky dream of mine is to participate in a flash mob. This sounds very cool. As for your dilemma do you have a good friend with a keen eye who can take photographs? That way can participate and get photos.

  5. Shawn

    Hey Adam, have you visited the West Bank? Ramallah is worth it, you can take the bus from the Damascus gate. Then once you are there, find a taxi guy that speaks English to drive you around viewing the disgusting settlements in the area and how they have the wall set up. Once you do that your view of Israel might change.

    The Israeli people are very nice, but it is one country I have no desire to return to, I was there for three months.

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