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road trip israel

Mr. Wombat looks sleepy. That’s the Sea of Galilee on the left. This was just as we were beginning our drive back to Tel Aviv (during which we got stuck in frustratingly jammed traffic).

Everyone always recommends seeing the north of Israel—the Golan Heights and Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), etc… But, without a car, it’s rather challenging. Solution? Rent a car!

Renting a car in Israel is actually rather cheap (compared to my only other car rental experience which was in Boston). For under $90, my friend and I had insurance & a decent car for 3 days. We covered hundreds of kilometers and went up and down mountains (with some constant encouragement of our car’s ability).

Israel is a small country and we covered a lot of ground in just a short time. On our road trip through northern Israel we visited the following:

  • Caesarea
  • Akko
  • Rosh Hanikra
  • Acre
  • Banias Falls
  • Tiberias

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  1. Yay! I got to go to all those places! Sadly though, I didn’t have a fuzzy wombat to accompany me… *sigh*

  2. 90$ seriously? wich company did u use? I am looking for a good deal here for days but its all a ripp off…

    • Adam

      Hey Joni – I think it was Avis? Picked up/dropped off the car in the same building of the Dan hotel up on the beach.

      Good luck finding a deal! Maybe I was just lucky because it wasn’t a very touristic season and I think it was the middle of the week, too….

  3. enrolled agent cpe

    Paying $ 90 for a car rental is relatively cheap. Though I love taking the public transportation when I travel to other countries, there are times when renting your own car is necessary especially if you have to travel for long hours.

    • Adam

      I prefer public transportation, too, but sometimes a car is absolutely necessary. And it can be a lot of fun!

  4. Hogga aka @_Thetraveller_

    This is my new favorite column… I HEART wombat wed!!!!

    • Adam

      Aw thanks Hogga!

  5. Sarah Peduzzi

    I was starting to miss Mr. Wombat. Thanks!

    • Adam

      Mr Wombat has felt missed. He’s spent most of the past few months shoved at the bottom of my backpack :)

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