Havan fire ceremony
Havan fire ceremony (Hindu prayers for Diwali)

Diwali, also called the festival of lights, was last week. It’s a big Hindu holiday and that’s about all I know about it. I was lucky enough to arrive in Mumbai just in time for all the celebrations. And to have a gracious family host me for the holiday. It’s a lot like New Year’s Eve. People exchange sweets with friends and family, enjoy delicious family meals, say prayers to the goddess of wealth, and launch lots & lots of firecrackers. All-in-all, it’s a lot of fun.

Diwali prayer.

Elaborate designs made out of colored sands & powders – called a Rangoli. I probably stepped on a thousand of these walking through various buildings.

Firecrackers in the street. Firecrackers everywhere!

No, this isn’t a war zone. It just sounds like one.

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  1. i have always wanted to go to India to see the Diwali festival. the video post is really cool

    • Adam

      It really was incredible to be there! What a great party :)

  2. enrolled agent cpe

    Part of their tradition is creating those Rangoli. I was able to watch a TV show before that showed how it was done. I have to admit, I’m really amazed with their creativity and talent as some of them takes weeks or even months to finish.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve heard of that festival before! It looks like it must have been pretty awesome to be able to experience it in the flesh and blood!

  4. Anonymous

    The designs with sand look so intricate really beautiful, i bet it took a long time to make them

    • Adam

      I loved these! People draw/create them for just about any occassion! But for Diwali, they were exceptionally brilliant.

  5. Anonymous

    So wonderful that you were able to experience such a major holiday with a host family – no doubt you saw a very intimate side of Diwali by staying with the family :)

  6. What a great time to travel to India, hope you’ll be there in February when I arrive.

    • Adam

      Would’ve liked to have been in India for Holi – maybe this next year!!!

  7. I LOVE host families. They make the travel experience so amazing.

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