I just wrote about how I’m starting on a Eurotrip and that I don’t know how long it’ll last, where I’ll go or what I want to do. While leaving Asia is bittersweet, I’m excited to have started this new leg of my journey. I don’t know whether to call it an ending or a beginning, because really, it feels like neither.

I’m truly going to miss Asia. Three-and-a-half months wasn’t enough. There were lots of places I would’ve stayed longer, and lots of places I missed entirely, but there was always a push moving me forward. Unlike last summer when I stopped when I felt like stopping, in Asia I pretty much just kept on going. I think that’s because there was so much I knew I wanted to see here, and there was always another person willing to travel with me.

While I didn’t get to explore as much of Bangkok as I would’ve liked, I did spend close to three weeks there (spread out over a few months). It’s a city I definitely want to get to know better, but now just doesn’t feel like the time.

There were many other places I would’ve stayed in longer. I only gave myself two weeks in Laos and I definitely missed a lot. My month in Cambodia really just felt like I was scratching the surface. And in 30 days in Vietnam—I only just now feel like I’m getting to truly understand this beautiful country. There’s never enough time.

So while this latest part of my Asia trip ends, something new is beginning. When I left India back in January, I felt like a different person. In the past few months, that person has grown even more. I feel lucky to have shared my recent happenings and all my travels with so many of you—whether in person or here, online. I know I’ve been posting much more regularly here on the blog and I hope to continue to do so while in Europe.

It’s hard to say it, but it feels like part of my trip is ending. I suppose it’s just because I’ve left Asia for what I imagine to be a drastically different environment. I don’t really want to say that my trip is nearing an end, though.

Going to Europe seems like a reasonable way to acclimate myself back into a non-travel lifestyle before heading home; looking for a job, owning furniture again. But I don’t really think I want my trip to end just yet. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting and exciting. After a year+ living like this, I don’t see my future any other way.

So, whether this is an ending or a beginning, I hope you’ll continue to follow along. I’m just as excited as you are to see what happens (probably more so, considering this is me were talking about).


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