Okay, the title of this post is definitely a bit of a lie. Because actually, I’ve had more than one crazy night out in Berlin in the few weeks I’ve spent in town. But I figured the only way for someone who has never been here is to see (with words, sorry no photos from the night I’m about to explain) what a crazy night out in Berlin might be like. Fasten your seat belts.

Like any good story in Europe, this one starts in a hostel—not one of your Germany vacation rentals. And like any good backpacker story from Berlin, it starts at Wombats City Hostel—quite possibly the coolest hostel in Berlin.

View from the Hostel Balcony (11004)
Photo credit: OOBrien

It all starts Thursday afternoon. I’d just entered my dorm room to find a new girl moved in. Turns out she was American as well (there were two other guys from America who’d checked in yesterday like myself). Even more of a coincidence, she’d been thinking of moving to Berlin like myself. Being the creative type, everyone seems to want to live here for a while. Seeing as how I’d just found an apartment to move into the next day, we became instant friends.

While I went to do some stuff online, she went to walk around and explore a bit. A few hours later we met up in the hostel again, where we met up with our other dorm mates. All in, there was me, G (the girl I’d met earlier), Latin Gay Guy from Venezuela, American Boy and American Boy’s Asian friend. There was another, but he wasn’t important because he didn’t seem to want anything to do with all of our awesome.

Regardless, our now awesome fivesome from Room 503 agreed it was time to drink. By now, it must’ve been close to 11pm so Wombar’s happy hour (round 2) was just starting. Upstairs, we ordered our €1 beers (myself opting for €1.5o wine) and spent an hour or so introducing ourselves and our short biographies. It was everyone’s intention to have a big night out, so sometime after midnight (when happy hour ended) we went downstairs.

Wombats City Hostel, Berlin
Just relaxing in Room 503, waiting for my dorm mates

I asked the guy at Wombats’ reception what the cool thing to do for tonight is. (Note: the staff at Wombats is extremely knowledgeable about Berlin and they’ve always put me on the right path for the night…) He told us Cassiopeia‘s Drum & Bass night was going to be the biggest thing in town tonight. I don’t need to be told twice.

Now nearly 1 a.m., with fresh beers from the corner shop in our hands, we left for the U-Bahn. One of the best things about Berlin is the fact that the trains and other public transport run so late—and 24 hours on the weekend. At our transfer to the S-Bahn we met some Berliner dudes who were all headed in the same direction and to the same club. Spent a very-drunk few stops on the train chatting with them, but somehow lost them in the shuffle of drunk hipsters that’s Warschauer Straße.

Leading the way, I found Cassiopeia and with a few euros handed over to the door dude, we were in. Not terribly crowded yet (we’re now inching on 2 a.m.), we got our beers and made our way to the dance floor. Drum and bass yeah! It was exciting to see American Boy and American Boy’s Asian Friend dancing as well, because they definitely didn’t look the type. That’s what backpackers are, though—always surprising and always more fun than the people back home. Errr, I think maybe?

Some more beers, lots of picture-clicking from Latin Gay Guy. Eventually a very crowded dance floor. Eager to shake, I made my way to the front. Djs were listed until about 9 a.m., but after an hour or two or something, most of our group (myself excepted) was ready to either (a) go home/sleep; (b) find cheap street food; or (c) find another hopping club. Up for a bit of adventure, we convinced those interested in option (a) to give a nearby club a shot. We left Cassiopeia and went to the nearly next-door Suicide Circus. And boy was that a circus.

Check back again in a few days to hear what happened next. I’ll tell you this: it involves three more clubs in Berlin, at least one slice of pizza and a drunk guy from Finland.

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